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Key Must Knows About Marble Worktops including Carrara Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is still adored by many people for its beauty, luminosity and smoothness.

This natural stone is quarried from the earth’s crust in a variety of ways, depending on the geographical conditions from where it’s extracted.

It has beautiful natural patterns that are not available on other artificial materials.

Maybe that’s the reason why many people still prefer marble worktops.

If you are considering marble or your kitchen renovation or a new kitchen, here are some important things that you must be aware of marble worktops and their faux alternatives.

Why is marble a great choice for worktops?

Marble is a great selection for countertops because it is a porous and poor conductor of heat, it is cool to touch.

Many pastry chefs prefer a cool countertop surface when working with dough.

Since marble absorbs heat, the dough doesn’t overheat while working on a marble worktop.

Black Marble Kitchen Worktop

Does marble stain?

While its porosity is bliss for pastry chefs, it also has one of the downsides that make it susceptible to staining.

Certain liquids like citrus juices, red wine and oil may easily seep into marble and are very difficult to get out.

The main care is to wipe spillages as these happen.

If you follow this simple tip, it is highly likely your marble worktops won’t ever get stained.

There are certain marble protective agents or sealants in the market to make it water-resistant which are applied by stone technicians during a marble worktop installation.

White Marble Kitchen Worktop

Does marble scratch?

Marble softer than to granite, hence a little bit more prone to scratches.

Having said this, we must remember that marble is still extremely tough and durable.

We only need to see all the famous monuments and statues built over different civilizations to know this.

Similarly, and over time, marble creates a unique patina on the surface.

Therefore, it is a great choice for people who understand the beauty of natural materials, which generally includes unique marks and patterns that make it special.

White Veined Marble Kitchen Worktop

Marble finishes available in the market

A reliable marble supplier would show you many varieties of marble in both honed and polished finishes.

The honed finish is created with a sanding technique to give a matte appearance to a marble piece.

This won’t show off scratches on the surface but due to the presence of pores, it is more susceptible to staining than a polished finish.

Polished marble is a highly glossy and reflective surface that boasts vibrancy of this natural stone while can repel moisture better.

This finish can resist staining and can also bring more light into the room.

This is particularly so especially when installed next to a window or open area.

Which is the most popular marble worktop?

Carrara marble, which is extracted in Italy’s Carrara region, is one most popular and readily available marble worktop materials.

It is also affordable when compared to other striking veined marbles and when compared to other feathery veined marble pieces.

Besides that, the famous luxury varieties of marble are Statuario or Calacatta.

Both these are available in bright white colour and bear more dominant veining.

But an average piece of these luxury marble pieces would cost substantially more than Carrara marble as both Calacatta Marble and Statuario are less abundant on the Earth.

How to maintain a marble worktop?

Marble countertops require professional sealing when they are first installed, and they need to be resealed every two years at most.

However, it still doesn’t provide a guaranteed protection.

Sealants make marble very stain-resistant although not stain-proof.

Marble does not stain easily although you should try to avoid spills and wipe it up immediately when these occur.

Especially if any acidic liquid spills over the marble surface.

For cleaning, hot soapy water is needed to clean the surface with a soft cloth.

You can buff dry the surface to avoid any watermarks.

If you can manage regular maintenance and cleaning of marble, it is surely a great stone for your kitchen.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Loss of Consortium in Personal Injury Cases

When your wife or husband meets a personal injury accident, your marriage might turn upside down in just a single snap.

It can have a vast impact on your everyday life and can damage the intimacy of your relationship.

If that circumstance happens, you can file a loss of consortium claim to compensate for your loss.

But before bringing it to court, here are five things you need to know about the loss of consortium in personal injury cases.

What is a Loss of Consortium?

“Consortium” is a legal term which refers to a one’s interest in receiving affection, support, and love from his or her spouse.

Therefore, loss of consortium is a claim that a spouse can make when his or her partner can’t provide the same level of affection, support, love, moral, companionship, intimacy, and guidance as a result of a major injury caused by other people’s negligence.

Some examples of loss of consortium in a personal injury case include:

  • Loss of Companionship or Support: If the injured spouse can no longer provide the same level of emotional support to his or her partner.
  • Loss of Home Services: If the spouse must perform the household tasks that the injured spouse used to do.
  • Loss of Intimacy: If the couple can no longer engage in intimate relations or they can’t have physical contact the way they used to do.
  • Loss of Employment: When the spouse has to leave his or her job or to take time off to provide support for the injured spouse.

How Does Loss of Consortium Work in a Personal Injury Case?

When a couple meets a car accident and the wife isn’t hurt but the husband is substantially injured, he has a personal claim for his injuries, sufferings, emotional distress, time away from work, and other losses.

The wife might also file a loss of consortium claim against the driver at fault.

Even though the wife isn’t directly injured, she has still suffered a loss when their marriage is greatly affected, and their lives turned upside down because of the accident.

Who can Bring a Loss of Consortium Claim?

A spouse can bring a claim for loss of consortium if his or her life has been terribly changed due to his or her spouse’s injuries after an accident.

The claimant must prove that he or she suffered significant damages in the form of loss of affection, companionship, and comfort from the injured spouse due to his or her injuries.

Things to Consider Before Making a Loss of Consortium Claims

Before bringing a loss of consortium claim in the court, you should be aware that opening the intimate and most private aspects of your marriage will be part of the process.

So, you should consider if you can withstand the rigorous questioning of the defense attorney during the deposition and trial.

If your marriage is already unhappy and suffered through separation, infidelity, or abuse before the accident, the circumstances surrounding those situations will be extensively discussed in front of the jury and the judge, and that will be a part of the public record.

How is Loss Calculated?

Loss of consortium is a type of harm under the general damages category.

These are non-economic damages which mean that money is just a rough substitute for the losses.

General damages also include humiliation and embarrassment, physical pain and suffering, shock and mental anguish, loss of society and companionship, loss of reputation, and emotional distress.

Basically, this kind of award is left to the judgment of the jury.

However, since general damages are hard to quantify, you’ll probably have to hire an expert to provide an accurate monetary worth for your loss of consortium claim.


There are things that you need to know and consider before filing a loss of consortium claim in connection with a personal injury accident.

You should prepare yourself to handle very detailed and private questions in the court to get the compensations you deserve.

The things mentioned above might help you understand the loss of consortium claim, who can file it, how does it work in your personal injury case, and things to consider before bringing it to the court.

Author Bio

Louise Davis is a single mom with a five-year-old daughter. She loves to write stories and anything related to law, lifestyle, and fashion. On her free time, Louise reads contents relating to laws and providers. She’s also worked as a contributing writer for a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

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8 Exterior Design Tips to Increasing the Value Of Your Home

The exterior of your property has a big impact on the value of your property when it comes time to sell.

In fact, the exterior of your property can influence the price of other peoples’ homes, and the better looking the front of your row of properties, the higher the price you can attract on the market.

The front of the property is the first thing that a potential buyer sees when driving up to view, while the side and rear of the property show off a potentially appealing new life for viewers.

4 Wheelie Bins

1. Tidy Away Bins

Before you consider repairing brickwork, replacing doors, or making any other major changes, the first thing you should do is tidy up and clean up.

Try to make sure everything has its place. It’s fine leaving kids toy sets and furniture out in the garden, but if you leave lawnmowers out, it will look like you don’t have adequate external storage.

Bins are a bone of contention. We all have them, we all need them, but we don’t really want to look at them.

Consider building or buying a bin store – they’re easy, convenient, and they hide a lot of sins; you can even buy a larger bin store than you need, and store extra items, like tools and garden appliances, too.

Old Garage Door

2. Replace Or Repaint The Garage Door

If you are looking to sell your home, then you are unlikely to want to invest large sums of money in making repairs or buying replacements even for important areas of the property. However, it might not be necessary.

If the garage door still works as intended, but is looking untidy, clean it up and repaint it.

You can either paint the door to match the front door and window frames, or you can paint it to match the colour of the garage and house itself to help ensure that it blends in.

A replacement garage door may be necessary if the existing door is hanging off its hinges or a poor-quality door has completely rusted through.

A separate garage is a convenient place to safely store the car, and many garages will also store items like garden tools and more, so is appealing to buyers – make it look as good as possible to help aid a sale and improve resale value.

Rotten Timber Front Door

3. Get A New Front Door

Similarly, the front door of the property is one of the first things that people will see and is where the eyes are naturally drawn to, but it is one of the areas that a lot of people overlook when refreshing the front of a property.

They will pay to have the walls pointed and cleaned but ignore the door.

If your door is badly damaged, worn, or old, consider having it replaced with something newer.

You don’t have to opt for plain white uPVC either.

Adding colour to the front door is a great way of adding character to any property, regardless of age or style.

Luxury Driveway

4. Replace The Driveway

Buyers love driveways.

Not only do they potentially provide off-street parking, but they also provide a buffer between the street and the property.

If you already have a driveway, neaten it up, remove weeds, and make sure it is tidy.

If there are big holes, you can consider repairing these areas. Use reclaimed bricks to create a border along the edges of the driveway or to replace any bricks that have become damaged or broken.

It is possible to buy any of a large selection of colours, styles, and types of reclaimed brick and stone that enable you to achieve the look you really want.

5. Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only improves the look of a property, especially by highlighting some of its best features, but it also increases the sense and feeling of security around the property.

Dark properties are foreboding and threatening, whereas a well-lit property is inviting for all the right reasons.

Consider adding lighting along the footpath, as well as additional lights to gently illuminate the property number or name sign.

6. Rebuild Broken Walls

Broken walls are an eyesore, and if left, the damage can become worse until it becomes irreparable.

They can also be seen as a security hazard because a damaged wall is easier to get into than a pristine one.

Recover as many of the bricks as possible that come from the wall.

Clean them up, add mortar to the damaged but cleaned area, and consider buying additional reclaimed bricks to match the style and look of the bricks.

While rebuilding a damaged wall, you can consider extending the wall, although this will obviously take more effort and require additional work.

You can even create new walls, where they don’t already exist.

You will need to clear the area, prepare it and flatten the ground, and choose bricks that complement existing buildings and any other walls in the garden.

7. Clean The Property Exterior

Panting the property exterior enables you to give your house a fresh new look.

The simplest option is to paint with a neutral colour, but it may not even be necessary to paint your house in order to restore it to its previous best.

Cleaning the brickwork, cladding, rendering, and other external surfaces.

You can use a sweeping brush to get rid of large bits of debris and other items and clean up the finer debris with a cloth.

You can buy specialist cleaning solution for this type of work, but you should exercise caution when using power washers, especially if there are any damaged areas.

8. Add Planters

Not everybody has the luxury of a large garden, and if you are looking to move out it is unlikely that you will want to replace the convenient and maintenance free gravel or driveway with grass and soil.

New plants will also take years to establish, but if you incorporate outdoor planters into your garden design, you can add bushes, shrubs, trees and other plants more easily.

Buy readymade planters or create your own using wood or reclaimed bricks for a beautiful and natural looking finish.

Planters are easy to care for, they can take established plants, and they can be used for a wide range of different plants and planting.


As you can see, it’s not difficult or expensive to improve the kerb appeal of your home to prospective buyers.

By making it visually attractive and pleasing on the eye, you are far more likely to get a sale and be able to call your local removals company to book that all important moving date into your new property.

Give some of the 8 ideas above and try and you should instantly see the difference.

Air Purifying Indoor Potted Plants

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants

Most people want to have a relaxing and calming vibe in their homes and having plants inside gives exactly just that.

If you’re planning to do some renovation, you might want to consider putting indoor plants because they can give your home a lot of benefits.

Having plants around the house helps encourage productivity among its dwellers.

It can also help get rid of anxieties and stress.

Further, indoor plants can also add aesthetic appeal to any interior.

Apart from the mentioned benefits of indoor plants, they have other notable health benefits.

Man Sat Meditating Overlooking View

Helps Breathing

People need oxygen to live. Having plants around the house can also help people to breathe properly as plants release oxygen through the photosynthesis process during the day.

Scientist says that plant and humans are great partners because plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which humans inhale.

There are certain types of plants that release oxygen even at night such as aloe vera and peepal tree.

If you’re remodeling your bedroom, bathroom or even kitchen, you can buy these types of plants for you to have a nice-looking and calming environment.

Boosts Your Immune System

Plants can help people to fight off bacterias and viruses that carry diseases.

They are known to be good protection, especially during flu season.

Plants release various airborne chemicals such as phytoncides that helps lessen the stressors that a person feel.

There are a lot of establishments such as hospitals that use plants to fight off any illness or disease that might harm them or other people.

It’s the reason why you see a lot of plants surrounding hospitals. If you want to avoid getting sick, then you should buy indoor plants for your home.

Helps Purify the Air

As mentioned earlier, plants can boost the immune system.

One of the reasons why your immune system will improve is that it helps purify the air you breathe inside your house.

Plants are known to reduce carbon dioxide level, reduce pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and benzene, keep air temperatures down, and reduce levels of airborne dust.

For you to avoid breathing in other harmful substances in the air, surround yourself with green plants.

Makes You More Efficient

There will be a lot of work to be done during a home renovation.

Plants are known to have a dramatic effect that stimulates the productivity of any person looking at it.

Being around plants can improve the productivity and memory of any person.

If you’re interested in indoor plants that would match your kitchens and bathrooms design, you can check home improvements Melbourne.

You can also ask local flower shops for recommendations, or you can search the web for more information about indoor plants.

Lowers Noise

If you want a more quiet and serene setup in your kitchen area or even in the bedroom, consider buying indoor plants.

Plants use their leaves to absorb, reflect or diffract background noise making your place more peaceful.

There are many types of plants that are excellent when it comes to absorbing high-frequency sounds.

Adding plants doesn’t just help lessen background noises in your home, they can also add glamour to your house especially if you have a nature-themed home.

If you’re looking for the perfect plant that would match your place surroundings, you can try calling your local florist to help you search for plants that would fit your environment.


Home renovation can be a taxing and stressing activity.

Putting up indoor plants can help you relieve the stress and anxiety you’re feeling during the renovation process.

If you’re looking for indoor plants that would be good for your bathroom, you should buy ferns and air plants because these plants love moisture and can survive even in places with low light.

You should take advantage of the health benefits plants can give.

Adding beauty and protection to your home is a good move for you to avoid having any problems that might happen in the future.

Team of Professionals Holding Paper Trophy

Essential Steps to Develop Your Skills & Become an Efficient Leader

What makes an excellent leader? Everyone has various definitions of a ‘good leader,’ but to cut it short, a leader is someone who leads and takes good care of his or her employees.

A leader can also be someone who lets others lead him or her and provides effective communication.

When things aren’t going as planned or when things are going bad, a leader’s actions can affect the whole situation.

If the worst time comes, it’s the excellent skills and qualities of a leader that shines the most.

So if you ever applied for a job position that requires leadership skills, then ask yourself, are you qualified for the job?

The thought of advancing to the top is what makes it possible for aspiring leaders to hone their skills.

Although anyone can develop their skills and get better because some are born natural leaders.

In the end, career development always depends on the technical skills and willingness to work.

So, become an effective leader by following these steps.

Assign Work Responsibly

One of the keys to leadership is to delegate authority and responsibility.

Segregate and distribute each assignment for a better outcome.

Some bosses feel they need to control everything that’s happening in their offices, including the work of the employees.

If you’re controlling your employees, then you’re just creating a recipe for failure.

You need to learn how trust works if you want to be an effective leader.

When you’re assigning work to your employees, you multiply the amount of work you’re trying to achieve singlehandedly.

At the same time, you’re developing the confidence of your employees to do their job well.

Keep in mind that controlling and managing are two different traits.

Be an Inspiration

Everyone needs motivation and inspiration to do their job well.

If you’re aiming to be an effective leader, then you should start motivating yourself first.

There are natural born leaders who are good at their job even if they lack motivation.

But if you’re trying to learn and become one, it’ll depend on how you get things done.

If you’re aspiring to become a good leader, you should be able to motivate your employees to bring out their potentials and for them to do their best in difficult situations.

Excellent leaders move and inspire employees for them to do best at their work.

The greatest advice to become an effective leader is to train yourself every day.

Learn new things day by day to become better.

Help yourself like you want to help your employees and continue to prosper as the organization grows.

Always Practice Discipline

An excellent leader needs proper discipline.

As a leader, your employees and workers are looking up to you.

If you’re not the type of person they are expecting, then it would be a disaster.

You need to develop discipline not only personally but also professionally.

Demonstrate simple discipline at work by greeting, meeting the deadlines, going to work on time, and respecting one another.

Asian countries, for example, have a good work discipline not only when at work but also outside work.

So when you find a job in Asia, such as hunting for professional jobs in Singapore, you’ll notice how disciplined they are by attending to your needs.

If you ever feel that you need help or you’re disorganized because of the stress you get from work, then try to take things slowly.

Begin with yourself by implementing good habits at home like cleaning, waking up early, doing your daily workout, and you can surely work your way up there.

Two Women in Conversation

Connect by Communicating

Leading a group means you need to communicate and connect with the people you’re working with.

Communication is one of the most powerful traits of a leader as it can be a weapon to acquire success and be productive in every work you’re doing.

If you’re an aspiring leader, you need to have a mutual sense of trust not only to your business partners but to your employees as well.

Always remember that good communication can lead to something great.

It means whatever you’re trying to achieve, with communication, you can easily attain your goal by working together.

Aside from communicating with your employees, you also need to connect with them.

Building a personal connection with your teammates is crucial to develop trust and improve work efficiency.

With a healthy relationship and communication, you can be successful in no time.

Keep in mind that everyone’s looking up to you, so show them what you’re capable of.

Keep Being Positive

A good leader inspires and motivates his or her employees.

Yes, leaders have an optimistic and encouraging attitude that serves as an inspiration to the employees.

If leaders are being cynical or demoralize, members of the group also tend to lose confidence and are likely to become less productive.

If you want to become a great leader, even if things don’t go according to plans, or if you think everything’s falling apart, you need to hold yourself up and stay positive.

In that way, you might be able to overcome the challenges.

This doesn’t mean that you’re viewing things through, it just says that you’re maintaining a sense of hope by being optimistic.


In the end, a great leader is not someone who brings out the best from his or her employees, but they’re someone who can bring out the best from the worst for the good of his or her employees.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re an aspiring leader is that you need to make sure you’re working on a job you love the most as it can boost your skills and development.

Author Bio

Louise Davis is a single mom with a 5-year-old daughter. She’s a business-minded person who often loves to write articles about professions. Louise enjoys watching reality TV shows. Aside from being a business person, she is also a self-confessed bookworm. When she isn’t busy, she enjoys going to the gym.

Tissue Paper Flowers

9 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summer

Welcome the warm climate cheerfulness and delight as you update your own insides an exciting and lightened arrival this summer.

Many of us often undertake a home makeover will probably cost lots of funds.

The unambiguous realism is you never have to spend a lot on those summerhouses some thoughts for a house makeover.

You want to develop into creative and utilize a few of those decoration ideas. It’s vital to bear in your mind to not spoil the subject.

By blending some neutral colors with some decorations that are brilliant, you can creatively present your insides with a more contemporary and vibrant look.

With these 9 DIY home decoration concepts, you could willingly adjust the dull looking comfortable space to some soothing and shining comfy arrangement.

Summer is about pleasure, fun, and the outside beach.

Make your home or apartment seem like simply a summer shore house or a cottage that is motivated by coastal.

1. Multicolor Summer Design Tissue Paper Flowers

Amazingly, these lovely tissue paper floras that are used for a décor that looks terrific.

These paper blossoms are inexpensive and accessible to produce.

The pieces of equipment you will need are stapler, brilliant tissue paper and scissors.

Just with a couple of steps, it is possible to cause those flowers.

There really are a good deal of suggestions to produce tissue paper flowers, and they can be incorporated by you in your summer room decoration project.

These blossoms are perfect choices for flower vases, centerpieces, door swags, and garlands for showers and party decorations that are exceptional.

Use glitters, ribbons and paper render to supply tissue paper blossom a fresh look to you.

Locate all equipment that is essential you’ll be able to find at any craft shop.

White Decorated Shelves

2. Summer Themed Smart Study Room

Library or your study corner, in addition, deserves a trendy summer makeover too.

Even though classic wood and earthy tone combinations are great for a library setting, you also are able to jazz the room’s look with a couple of decorations.

Bright flowers background and book boxes will fit your thoughts that are summer in the study room.

Paint your study room in whitened and choose library bookshelves that are white.

Insert the shelves to be highlighted by some decorations.

Fresh flowers can be used by you in glass vases.

The style suits the subject very beautifully.

Any damask publication box or a polka dot storage package will suit the motif.

Motivational Post-It Notes

3. DIY Motivational Wall Quotes Message Board

Dangle motivational paintings and quotes on the walls around your home rather than leaving them all plain.

Even an image with text that is motivational increases the mood span and also creates a considerable influence on the home setting.

The most wonderful thing about utilizing quotes is you can switch them on distinct topics such as expect, work, love, etc.

Nautical Themed Interior Wall

4. Seashell Wall Summer Room Décor

Make your home appearance summer-themed with this seashell wall décor that is stunning in.

Use it on your bedroom or put it at a corner niche to highlight the wall.

This seashell wall-mount décor adds a cool vibe.

Love today, earning this sea-shell wall décor, if you’re considering carrying an enjoyable DIY project.

Choose any seashell of your choice or seashells, add some lights is already.

Hang those seashells on the wall and put in nautical charm to v coastal motif.

Living room space or your bedroom will undoubtedly be instantly brightened up for this particular fashionable seashell summer design wall décor.

Coloured Paper Decorations

5. Attractive Summer Garlands

Summer means to children around home adoring time from school.

Turn your home by utilizing slipcovers and fabrics which aren’t only fun and casual but can also be machine washable.

Motivate children to focus such as seashells, pinecones, and also different elements that are nature-inspired with art and crafts stuff and use these to decorate your kids’ bedroom and playing with space.

Hanging Exterior Patio Lights

6. Add Outside Lights for Enjoyable Evenings

What exciting is summer decorating short of rope lights?

Develop light you to deck or patio.

Consider rope lights instead of task lighting, as ambiance, to ensure you can add just the amount to yield a magic distance which looks awesome.

There is only a noteworthy choice of outdoor series lights willingly available, for instance, vivacious and decorative options, however, eternal white bulbs may squash right into nearly any decorating style.

Yellow & White Decorated Table

7. Exceptional Floral Arrangement

That you do not certainly have to select a wooden or glass vase into your arrangement decoration experts express that a blossom vase adds a dimension to your room.

Use a colored or dark pitcher to create your floral structure.

If you’re employing summer pink or white blossoms, go to get a fearless toaster.

Choose flowers of neutral tones, when that is printed.

Add a couple of greens to the arrangement.

This unique arrangement makes a superb summer table décor.

Put on a side table into your living room or to your own dining table as a centrepiece.

This floral arrangement is likely to be a summer party décor that is gorgeous too.

Blue & White Striped Sun Loungers

8. Custom-Made Chaise Cushions

Rather than settling for the printing that is perhaps maybe not exactly right, make your very own outside chaise cushions using pillows and also the textile material that you like.

Copper Pendant Light

9. Add a Summery Swag Light

These interesting lanterns not just look fantastic, but these are simple to create.

Add a pop of color and also a bit of style to a property this summer with those summer design paper planters.

This DIY job is fun for every person on your family members.

Get a few of the paper lanterns to get started with this particular undertaking.

Get some yellow-orange or pink tissue papers in the summertime for this lantern.

These summer design lanterns may be used inside and outdoors.

Author Bio

I’m Amy, I write articles in the home and metal buildings market for the Carport Central. They really are the pioneer in Metal Buildings industry. Offer customers the ideal and high-quality services and products are Carport Central’s priority. They are confident in giving your carport or metal buildings on that you can rely on. Thus, do not wait for the exemplary quality carports or garages, call today at 888-573-1771 for getting latest metal building prices in your area.