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Wide Outreach Ability & High Traffic Made Instagram a Fashion Industry Favourite

Almost every fashion brand and major player in the fashion industry feel that there is no better place or platform to showcase their creative skill other than Instagram.

This is due to the widest outreach ability of this platform along with the high number of followers that it already has.

Therefore, it is quite natural that a platform than has about one billion active monthly users will be the first choice of these fashion brands.

Another significant factor that has made Instagram the first choice of the fashion industry is that it is essentially a photo and video sharing platform.

That means it suits perfectly for the needs of the fashion products that can be displayed in the best possible way using the useful features that Instagram provides.

Social media always played a very significant role in business marketing and when the inclusion of Instagram in it, this can surely prove to be the most powerful platform.

Amongst all social media platforms Instagram seems to be the most versatile one for the marketers, especially for those who are in the fashion business.

According to the latest figures, it is seen that:

  • 8% of all fashion brands choose this particular social media platform for marketing their products showing its popularity
  • It is believed looking at the projections that this number is going to touch 70.7% and even more in a coming couple of years
  • Out of the top 100 fashion brands,90 of them have Instagram business accounts and
  • 96% of all the fashion brands in the US have one such account.

All these facts and figures point out towards the fascination of the fashion industry towards Instagram.

The Power of Instagram

Typically the primary reason for such high fascination of the fashion industry towards Instagram is the power of it to showcase visuals.

This has ideally been a blessing for the fashion industry.

This feature and exclusive nature of Instagram is found to be extremely suitable for the needs of the fashion brands, both large and small:

  • As compared to all other social media platforms, Instagram is way ahead and more able to meet all the demands of the fashion industry. Since fashion is a lifestyle and culture product this ability seems to be another significant reason for the incredibly high popularity of Instagram in this niche.
  • The platform is also able to create communities among the followers for Instagram as well as develop personalities. It is perfectly equipped with all the necessary features, tools and elements that support all these essential aspects of the fashion industry with extraordinary zeal.

With the high impact it has created in the fashion sector, it is easy to drive more traffic towards a fashion site using Instagram as a marketing and brand promotion platform.

All one has to do is gain more likes as that will automatically drive more traffic towards the fashion site.

The Monetizing Potential

The users of Instagram are well aware of the monetising potential that it has which is another reason for its popularity and exceptional power to drive more users towards it.

The marketing campaigns seem to get an extra pair of wings to achieve success.

The platform boosts online marketing in a great way with its potential to:

  • Reach out to a wider and more diverse audience
  • Driving high traffic
  • Creating more leads and
  • Translating leads into conversion.

The platform allows you to take necessary measures to make sure that you gain a large following on the platform with more likes generated.

Popular Instagram Accounts

The Instagram Strategy

However, you will need to work diligently to ensure that you have larger traffic to your site in spite of the large number of likes that you may gain from followers or non-followers.

For this, you will need to have a carefully designed and immaculate Instagram strategy:

  • You will first need to monitor the performance of your Instagram campaigns very closely. This will ensure that you are able to gain more likes organically and in large numbers. This will automatically increase your chances of translating these followers into the traffic that you have been looking for so long.
  • You will also need to have a fair view of your business goals and realize these in order to develop a suitable Instagram strategy. All your strategies must essentially revolve around generating more likes and creating new followers.
  • It is better to take all the necessary steps to show up to others than to wait for others to see you if you want to create more followers on Instagram quickly. This ideally is the most effective way to create more visibility among Instagram users.

One thing that is very clear and needs no special mention is that in order to make Instagram a successful and effective platform for the promotion of your fashion brand you will need to be active most of the time.

You must monitor the performance closely so that you can build growing communities and followers.

Steps to Follow

There are a few specific steps that you should follow to grow your followers in Instagram successfully.

Link back to your website irrespective of the number of followers you acquire on Instagram.

This is because a business will not happen on the Instagram platform.

You can only use it as a successful means to drive your followers to your official website to gain more info about your brand and product so that they can make a buying decision eventually.

There are ideally two ways of doing it:

  • Firstly, you should embed your website URL in your Instagram bio. This will direct the users to your site whenever they click on the URL.
  • In the second method you may use compelling and vivid images along with your blogs to share these on the Instagram account using a link to your website. The person clicking on the link or the image will be directed towards your site automatically.

All these methods will surely help you to achieve your objective of driving more traffic to your fashion website.

Author Bio

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

Pair of Reading Sunglasses on the Beach

Sun Readers: Hints & Tips to Buying Your Next Pair

While you are at the beach, you are going to notice several people reading a book while sunbathing.

Likewise, there are many who take a book or newspaper, or even their tablet or e-book reader with them when they go for a picnic.

The only problem is that some of these people may need reading glasses, and as a result they cannot wear sunglasses on top of them so as to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays.

Luckily this problem can be solved with sun readers.

Sun readers are also known as reading sunglasses.

Basically they are a combination of reading glasses and sunglasses.

For many people they are the perfect pair of glasses as they serve a dual purpose – that of protecting their eyes from the sunlight and its glare, as well as enabling them to read or do any other close up work too.

This is because these glasses will have the reader prescription built inside the lens, which is also tinted.

It is important to bear in mind the following guidelines when you go to buy a pair of sun readers:

1. Choosing the lens tint

The color of the tint varies, but it is generally recommended to opt for greyish tints, or green colored lenses.

These will not distort the color as much as other colors.

2. Polarized sunglasses

Polarized reading glasses are ideal if the sun’s glare bothers you a lot.

3. Bifocal or full

There are two main types of sun readers.

There are the full reader sunglasses where the whole lens has the magnification and the prescription.

Then there are the bifocal reader sunglasses which will only have part of the lens with magnification.

The upper part will be non-prescription sunglass.

The bifocal ones are generally preferred as they allow you to look both at nearby as well as far away objects while remaining protected from the sun’s rays all along.

4. Different styles

The market is packed with all sorts of styles so as to cater for customers’ diverse needs and preferences.

So it is a good idea to try on various styles so as to see which types best suits your face shape.

Obviously since they are going to serve as sunglasses it is always best to opt for a lens that is a bit wide in order to block sunlight better, as well as protect the skin around your eyes which is very delicate.

Apart from this, it is also crucial that you make sure that it fits you well.

So do check if they slide or pinch, and ideally your eyelashes should not touch the lens.

A secure fit is always best.

5. Protection

The protection that your sun readers should offer is imperative.

Make sure that they block 99 or 100% of UVA and UVB.

Sun readers are a must have nowadays as they can make your life easier while offering protection for the sun.

In the long run their use will have prolonged your vision as eye strain and fatigue would have been minimized greatly.