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7 Must Do’s to Maintain Healthy Kidneys

As rightly said, kidney disease is a silent killer.

There’s a good chance that you would never know until it is too late.

And who better than kidney patients to understand as they filed Truvada lawsuits in the United States after the drugmaker, Gilead, was slapped with the charge of withholding the side effects of the antiretroviral drug multiplying the risk of chronic kidney disease in HIV patients.

In fact, 2012 research from the University of California stated that out of 10,000 HIV positive patients, the risk of kidney-related diseases shot by 33% each year from taking Truvada.

If you or anyone in your family has fallen victim to such an unfortunate health condition, then you are eligible for a free, no-obligation case review with an attorney handling Truvada kidney failure lawsuits.

Such is life but you can prevent kidney diseases to a great extent by keeping your life in check.

From what you eat and drink, to how well you sleep, play and exercise – every little thing matters.

Wondering why? Well, this blog post explains how with a must-do list to maintain good kidney health and overall wellbeing:

Without any further delay, let’s begin…

Fresh Green Salad with Tomatoes


1. Balanced & Nutritious Diet

What you eat and drink affects your body hugely!

People suffering from kidney diseases have to adjust to dietary changes which may or may not be pleasant.

Having a nutritious diet includes consuming fresh fruits and vegetables to suffuse your body with the desired calories, proteins, carbs and fat.

Quick Food Tips

  • reduce salt intake
  • avoid processed or packaged food
  • avoid canned sugary drinks & canned food
  • consume good fats such as avocados, brown rice & whole wheat bread.
  • don’t over eat or erat too little
  • do not skip meals

While finding your food for the soul is a great start, we recommend consulting a dietician or your doctor to devise a suitable kidney-friendly diet.

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2. Control Blood Sugar Levels

A high blood sugar levels greatly increases the chances of developing kidney disease.

Your kidneys filter blood of all toxins, and if they aren’t functioning well, a large amount of waste remains in the body.

Diabetic patients are recommended to undergo regular screening (include blood sugar levels) so that any form of kidney disease can be prevented, and overall health can be maintained.

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3. Blood Pressure

Medical studies have found high blood pressure to the 2nd most prominent cause behind increasing cases of kidney failure in the United States.

High blood pressure damages blood vessels in the kidneys, thus restricting its natural tendency to function.

The retained toxins further multiply the pressure on the blood vessels and kidneys furthermore.

It’s like a never-ending cycle unless the problem is medically diagnosed and treated accordingly.

Generally, normal blood pressure levels should hover around 120/80.

Have your blood pressure checked often and follow any medical recommendations given to you to avoid facing extreme health consequences such as kidney failure.

Pouring Glass of Water


4. Fluid Intake

Typically, 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day is recommended to keep the body hydrated and maintain good health.

Additionally, this keeps your kidneys functioning best as toxins are flushed out from the body, thus reducing the risk of kidney disease.

Doctors however, do not recommend excessive fluid intake as that can have its own side effects on health.

The correct amount of fluid intake depends on a number of factors including age, gender, physical activity, medical history, and individual circumstances.

Girl in Hoodie Smoking


5. Quit Smoking

Smoking is extremely bad for your health and claims the lives of one out of every five people in the United States alone.

Smoking related diseases remain one of the greatest threats to health worldwide.

One of the main reasons is because smoking reduces the rate at which blood is pumped into the kidneys, thereby impairing its capability to function well.

Doctors highly recommend people to quit smoking for a variety of reasons, whether or not they have risks associated with kidney disease.

Truvada Tablets


6. Be Careful with OTC drugs

How often we purchase OTC drugs from the a pharmacist?

You may not realise it, but ,ore often than not.

Regular intake of some very common drugs such as aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen that are known to have a detrimental effect on the kidneys.

Inform your healthcare provider if you are taking any such medications especially if you’re being treated for any other medical condition.

In short, putting your kidneys at inherent risk is never a good thing to do.

Two Men Trail Running


7. Stay Fit & Active

A sedentary lifestyle has become one of the main causes of many health challenges.

Sitting and being inactive for prolonged periods may have a profoundly negative impact on the kidneys.

Staying active via regular walks, going to the gym, playing sports or pursuing other physical activity keeps your blood pressure and heart in check and thus reduces the risk of many glaring health issues including kidney disease.

Staying active means staying healthy.

Without doubt, your health is your responsibility.

So do your bit, even if it means taking small steps at a time!

Eclectic Home Interior

6 Necessary Elements That Complete Interior Decor

When it comes to home decor, many people live with a major misconception that ‘interior designing’ and ‘interior decoration’ are similar.

And, just in case you are one of them, here is something to clear your confusion.

Interior designing outlines the basic structure while interior decor enhances the aesthetics of the existing elements.

To give you a better overview of this, here is a list of six essential elements that are important to consider when designing or decorating your home interior.

Red Themed Living Room


Your classy interiors won’t prove sufficient until you are not good at selecting the right color scheme for your home.

In interior designing, different colours depict different meanings and perceptions.

However, the wall color choice entirely depends on you, and your personality.

Every colour has a tonality that reflects on the people around them.

For instance, you may not be familiar with the fact that red is the most preferred colour for a dining area as it is considered as the colour of appetite, whereas green is an ideal choice for the bedroom as it is referred to health and prosperity in life.

Having said that you have a say in deciding the exact colors or a blend of a handful to get the right shade for the walls within which you reside with your family.

Minimalist Pendant Lights


The perfect lights add the actual spark to your home.

Be it any style, size, or purpose; lights are always essential to enhance the overall designing and bring that much-required look.

Keeping in mind, different decor themes, there are ample lighting styles to try.

If we talk about the most trending lights in the present time, there is nothing better than accent lights, which are meant to highlight a particular artwork or wall.

Drawn Floor Plans


In interior designers’ language, space is the base of home decor.

The space concept has been divided into two categories, including- two dimensions (length and width) and three dimensions (length, width, and height).

Apart from this, there are two parameters on which interior space is judged, such as positive and negative space.

Positive is the spaced equipped with different items placed in the room, whereas negative is the empty space in the rooms.

And, to come up with perfect interior design, balancing negative and positive parameters is a necessity.

Long Corridor with Wood Textured Walls


If you want to make interior designing an effortless task for yourself, wall texture is the right option to consider.

It does not just give your living area a theme, but somewhere puts your creativity on display.

Now, textures come in two different types – visual and actual.

Visual is more of an illusion where you see an artwork that isn’t there, and on the other hand, the actual design is what you can see and feel as well.

Wall texture can be enhanced using the same pattern or design theme for your bedsheets, rug, or probably for curtains as well.

Glass Facade

Doors & Windows

Just like four-walls, doors and windows are the elementary needs to design your home.

A lot of designs and patterns have flooded the door and window manufacturing market.

And if we talk about the present trend, using etched or iridescent glass for windows and doors is a popular option.

To add more design variation to such glasses, a series of glassline paints are readily available online for clients.

Mosaic Patterned Wall

Wall Pattern

This is an ideal option for those who have planned to have a theme for their entire home decor.

For instance, if you want to add a smoky and dense touch, going for black colored walls with a shimmering golden-colored pattern on random walls will make your home look ultra-stylish and elegant.

As the designs used in wall pattern theme repeats, go with a pattern that won’t start looking mundane to you sooner than you can think of.

We have listed six elements that define the necessities to keep your home interiors but can be altered as per your convenience and changes in style preference.

If you have some more ideas, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments section below.

Barcelona Roundabout

5 Amazing Things To Know Before Travelling To Barcelona

Unwind on the sun-kissed beaches, savour the splendid local food, witness the nature’s marvels, take a plunge into the vibrant nightlife, and explore the rich culture.

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most illustrious tourist destinations.

What Travellers Love About Barcelona

  • Seaside
  • Amazing Fresh Seafood
  • Optimum Weather
  • Busy Streets
  • Shopping Boutiques

Barcelona is an elegant city, renewed for its rich cultural diversity, and fantastic vibes, but here, in this post, we’ll be talking about the must-know things which first-time visitorshave not heard of.

So, scroll down and have a look.

Barcelona Metro Entrance

1. Excellent Public Transport System

The Metro network of Barcelona is frequent and reliable compared to the other major European cities, and you won’t have a hard time travelling every nook and corner of this city.

Not just the Metro, buses, and private cab operators are there in Barcelona 24/7.

You can obtain the T10 ticket that allows you to travel to different parts of Spain’s second-largest city via tram, bus, or Metro.

It’s also easy to travel by using a bus service from Barcelona-El-Prat-Airport to Barcelona.

Spanish Tapas

2. Go With Locals Routine

If you are someone who loves to have supper before seven o’clock, then better think twice before landing in Barcelona, as then the locals have their mid-afternoon snacks known as merienda.

Dinner time in Barcelona is usually between nine to eleven o’clock, and drinks start only after 1 o’clock.

So, if you wanna enjoy clubbing in Barcelona, it is better to not leave the house before eleven o’clock.

Supermarket Vegetable Stalls

3. Bustling Super Markets

Barcelona is home to some of Europe’s most popular supermarkets.

Mercadona is worth spending an evening shopping for all kinds of stuff, right from clothing to home decoration stuff.

Mercadona is closely followed by Alcampo supermarket, and there you’ll find the best deals on quality products.

The best part about shopping in supermarkets is that you get to interact with the locals, learn new things, and this, in turn, is the real motive of travelling.

4. Learn The Local Language For Free

If your trip to Barcelona is more than just a handful of days, then nothing will make your stay in this Spanish country more comfortable & peaceful than learning the local language.

But, it doesn’t mean you have to spend big Euros to learn the language spoken in the streets of Barcelona.

CPNL stands for Consortium for Linguistic Normalization is a government division that is responsible for preserving the Catalan language in the country. They offer free language courses for natives and city tourists.

5. Get Free Wi-Fi In Barcelona

Barcelona boasts the biggest free public Wi-Fi setup regulated by Barcelona City Council service.

As soon as you land in Barcelona, you can connect to the Internet through the many Wi-Fi access hotspots situated in public access points and municipal amenities.

Airplane Wing Over Landscape

Does Fear of Flying Hold You Back From Visiting Barcelona?

You are not alone; 2.5 % to 6.5% of the world population has fear of flying.

But to overcome, follow the below four steps:

  • Trust Airlines
  • Meditate
  • Hold Fast to the Facts that Suggest Airplane is the Safest Mode of Travelling
  • Distract Yourself

If you still have any sort of anxiety before boarding the plane, it is best to enroll for a quick fear of flying course.


“Barcelona is my home and I hope that I will stay here for many years,”
Lionel Messi

It’s not time to think and thought, Barcelona is welcoming you with open arms, so pack your bags right away!

Happy Heterosexual Couple Laying on Bed

5 Tips for Better Sex Life in Long-Term Relationships

Keeping a relationship young and exciting is quite difficult if you and your partner aren’t young anymore and have been in a relationship for a while.

Being in a long-term relationship is great on so many levels, but there are problems you have to take care of.

Since maintaining a healthy sex life is among the most important ones, here are five ideas how to reignite the spark in the bedroom.

Toying Around

Not all people are into sex toys for couples, but those who are know how exciting these can be.

Whatever you’re into, there are lots of options, from simple things like vibrators and blow-up dolls to more intricate items like penis sleeves, butt plugs and clitoral pumps.

Sex toys are extremely popular because they add a dose of extravagance into your relationship and make you explore new things.

Keep in mind that some of these items, such as prostate stimulators, can benefit your man’s health as well, and are thus extra useful.

Couple Holding Hands During Sex

Playing Games

Once they reach a certain age, most people start finding ordinary adult games boring and unexciting, and hence stop being interested in them.

However, if you find proper love games, you could be quite surprised.

Remember how arousing strip poker was when you were young?

Discovering your partner’s body bit by bit and engaging in a subtle striptease battle is always stimulating, so try looking into other ideas – bondage seduction, sexy playing cards and various board games that get you naked in the end.

There are lots of adult games to choose from, so explore them one by one as soon as possible.

Reading is Sexy

Nowadays, it’s no surprise that more and more people are browsing the Internet for the best adult books.

Erotic novels are far sexier than most people imagine and even a single scene or chapter can inspire you to try some of the things you never even considered.

A good book will get you lots of ideas and bring you and your partner together, in more ways than one.

Remember, a couple that reads together stays together, so if you’re wondering how to be a good girlfriend and keep a man in a long-term relationship, this might be the perfect idea.

Sexy Blonde in Lingerie

Dress to Impress

No matter how old they are, all men love seeing their partners in sexy lingerie.

The color and the selection doesn’t matter – as long as they see lots of skin, they’re in!

That’s why corsets and sexy briefs can get them in the mood right away.

Lingerie is also a great way to surprise your partner and do something unexpected, so updating your underwear drawer might go a long way.

You don’t need much – a new bra, a pair of panties and some sexy sleep wear will be quite enough, especially if you add a few exciting lingerie accessories.

The Threeway

If you love exploring new things, try introducing escorts from Mayfair Confidential into your love life and see what happens next.

This is one of the best ways to explore something different and light up your romance, especially if you’re both adventurous.

This way, you’ll see if something like this works for your relationship or not.

While some couples think this isn’t really their speed, some adventurous ones don’t mind adding a third person to their relationship.

Be yourself, broaden your dating horizons and who knows where will it lead you.

These options will make your sex life richer, your relationship healthier, and you and your partner happier than ever before.

Plus, you two will become young and exciting again, so start exploring these ideas right away!

Old Dilapidated Building

5 Key Areas to Pay Attention to When Remodeling an Old House

It often happens that people, when buying a house, choose to buy a fixer-upper as they are generally more affordable.

However, unless you are experienced in that type of work and you have enough skill to be able to accurately assess the state a particular house is in, this might not be the best idea.

However, if you’ve bought an old house or you are living in one and the time has come to do some remodelling, there are certain things you’ll need to pay special attention to.

Here are the most common things you’ll need to be extra careful with.

Limited or Unavailable Materials

When it comes to remodelling old houses, one of the most common concerns is the materials that were used when the houses were originally built.

Oftentimes, it can happen that you can’t quite find the right fit, which is why you’ll need to consider replacing everything entirely.

While the matching type of brick or a wall supporting beam are not so essential to find, being able to find the right type of wooden floor or the matching tile set can be quite difficult.

So, instead of trying to somehow combine the old and the new, unless you’re able to find the perfect match, you should always choose to replace existing items with new ones entirely.

Potentially Harmful Compounds

Another major concern revolves around the materials that were once used in the house building industry.

More often than not, walls were insulated with materials that were rich in asbestos and the paints that were once most commonly used contained lead.

That’s why it would be best if you hire experts to inspect your home and ensure that there are no such harmful compounds found indoors.

On the other hand, if they do happen to find them, you need to do all you can to get rid of them or – at the very least – contain them so that they don’t put anyone’s health at risk.

Electrician Rewiring Consumer-Unit

Outdated Wiring

Old houses usually contain the original electrical grid that’s, of course, nowadays considered entirely outdated.

And while nothing bad has happened so far, ensure that it never will.

Nowadays, especially, the need for a reliable grid has never been higher. It’s estimated that by next year, an average Australian household will have at least 35 connected devices.

That’s why many Aussies living in older houses choose to rely on an expert electrician from Western Suburbs to install a new electrical grid that will be suited for a modern family’sneeds.

Outdated Plumbing

Plumbing is another major concern when talking about older houses.

The fact of the matter is that the pipes that were originally installed when the house was built are probably too worn out and outdated.

If there are any leaky pipes in your house, do know that they can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your property which is why you need to fix them up as soon as possible.

Furthermore, old pipes were most commonly made of lead, which can potentially be quite dangerous if ingested – through drinking water, for example.

That’s why you need to inspect your plumbing and either replace it entirely or upgrade and make it safer for use if possible.

Fire Bug Infestation

Pest Infestation

Finally, old houses can oftentimes suffer from various forms of pest infestation.

Be it termites, rats, cockroaches or other creepy crawlies, you surely don’t want to share your house with such roommates.

So, before you start any serious remodelling project, make sure you don’t share a home with pests.

Not only can they seriously compromise your property’s structure, but their waste can be quite harmful to human health.

Therefore, if you’re renovating an old house, make sure you keep your eyes out for these common issues.

If you notice any of them, it would be wise to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will risk not only your property’s structure, but everyone’s well being as well.

House Stripped Back For Renovation

5 Tips & Tricks to Successfully Renovate Your Home

Renovating your home can be a great idea.

Whether you believe you can increase its efficiency or you just want to increase your comfort and enjoyment, your project is going to require a lot of time and effort.

However, with a few insider tips and tricks, you can make it a success. Listed below are five of these that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Make Small Rooms Appear Bigger

Your home renovation project is the perfect opportunity to make your small rooms look bigger.

It’s a great way to make the whole place more inviting and ensure you enjoy spending time in every part of your house.

But how exactly do you do this?

Natural light is known to make tiny spaces appear bigger which is why installing an extra window or two might be exactly what your home needs.

If you plan to apply a fresh coat of paint to all your walls, opting for light hues in your small rooms is recommended.

2. Keep Everything in Proportion

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when renovating is that they overdo one part of their house while ignoring everything else.

They only focus on the final product and fail to ensure the additions they make don’t have a negative impact on the entire place.

Therefore, when coming up with ideas for your renovation project, make sure that everything you opt for adds to the appeal of the home.

This is especially the case with things such as windows, doors and flooring options.

Classic Grey Minimalist Furniture

3. Don’t Forget About Hardware

Just because hardware is tiny, it doesn’t mean it’s not something you should think about when renovating your home.

In fact, little things such as doorknob and furniture hardware can give your home a fresh look which is exactly what you’re aiming for.

The best part of it is that you don’t have to look for new options that could potentially change the feel you wanted to create.

There are companies that sell restoration hardware and turning to them is a great way to replace your broken and worn pieces.

4. Go Minimalist

Since you’re already giving your home a new look, it makes sense to keep up with the most recent trends.

If you take a look at any home design magazines online, you’ll see that modern homes are all about minimalism.

Achieving a minimalist interior won’t only make your home trendy but it’ll also help you stay relaxed and enjoy spending time in it even more.

The best way to go minimalist when renovating your home is to think of ways to hide your storage and put emphasize on simple geometric forms.

Variety of Pendant Lights

5. Update the Lighting

Changing your lighting options can have a huge impact on your home.

Whether you want to replace your overhead pendants or table lamps, it could give the whole place a new look, both in terms of style and lighting.

There are plenty of options available online and doing your research before you decide to make any changes is a must.

Floor lamps are extremely popular at the moment adding a few of these in your hall and living room is a good idea.

Another popular option includes installing a dimmer switch.

There are so many things you can do when renovating your home. However, it’s not all about making every change you can think of.

The key is to keep coming up with ideas that’ll work together to make your home look trendy and fresh.

Follow the five tips covered in this post and you can be assured your home renovation project will be a success.

Nervous New Male Driver

Top 6 Tips for Brand New Drivers

Getting a driver’s license just has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

After years of expensive cabs, and crowded public transport, you are finally free to travel wherever you want whenever you want.

The only thing ruining this otherwise perfect picture is the fact that you are stepping into the world that, in spite of your training, still feels very foreign.

Don’t worry, though – things will become much more relaxed once you become more experienced.

Until then, let’s take a look at a couple of tips that should help you to overcome this learning curve much faster.

Know the Vehicle

Becoming a good driver, maintaining your car and gaining stronger road confidence are all made so much easier if you only spend some time to sit down and read your vehicle’s manual.

Also, it would be a very good idea to see how the car behaves in some more extreme situations.

Put another, more experienced driver in the passenger seat, drive the car to some empty lot and try doing a couple of sharp turns and sudden breaks.

Better to learn these things under supervision.

Female Driving a Cabriolet

Keep It Cool

Once you join the traffic, it is of the utmost importance to stay cool and don’t allow yourself to be carried away by distractions.

Instead, set the temperature to pleasant, play some relaxing tune, and do your best to diffuse all of the panicky ideas that can cross your mind.

Remember, being alert is one thing.

Dwelling on mistakes and frightening thoughts is something completely different.

If you ever feel too stressed to carry on, just park the car for a couple of minutes and give yourself time to relax.

Take Additional Driving Lessons

There is no shame in admitting that you lack skill in some driving areas even after getting your license.

There are very few of us who became proficient drivers from the get-go with license or without.

What you should do instead of hiding your flaws and hoping for the best is to identify the skill you consider the weakest and take a couple of additional lessons.

Schools like EzLicence offering driving lessons that can be easily booked online will make this job considerably more streamlined.

SUV Driving in Hazardous Snowy Conditions

Avoid Extreme Driving Conditions

At least until you become more confident behind the wheel.

So, if you can, avoid passing long distances during the night, fog, heavy rain, snow, and sleet.

Instead, use these conditions to take a couple of short circles around the block, or, even better, in some isolated environment, and sharpen your driving skills.

Keep in mind that, due to difficult angles and changing light, sunrise and sunset are also considered conditions of reduced visibility, so they should be avoided as well.

Pay Attention to Other Vehicles

Paying better attention to the vehicles around you will allow you to get a much better sense of the traffic flow and avoid potential accidents.

For a start, try to keep track of the cars in neighbouring lanes.

If they are slowing down, slow your vehicle as well.

Once you become more experienced, try to watch out for the movement of taller vehicles in front of you.

You will be able to anticipate traffic developments much better.

Practice Less Common Manoeuvres

Much like any other ability, driving skills tend to become rusty if not practiced.

For instance, you may find yourself forced to do a quick parallel parking and end up jamming the traffic and getting flak from other drivers.

Not quite the ego-boost you need right now.

So, use your free time to practice these things.

Giving a workout to less-used mechanisms like the hand brake is not a bad idea, either.

We hope these few tips will help you to overcome some of the difficulties experienced by new drivers.

The most important thing to get from this is that all these problems are common and simply something we all had to go through to improve our skills.

So, be patient, don’t let your insecurities get the better of you, and use every opportunity to improve your knowledge if just for a bit.

Close Up of Girls Green Eye

5 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Should Include Your Entire Eye Area

Skincare can be a great form of self-care and self-love.

Just think about it: you can’t turn something mundane such as applying a face moisturiser into your own little ritual that can actually benefit your skin and make your face look fresh.

Yet, many tend to overlook the importance of eye area which is a shame since skin around the eyes is often the first place where you can spot the signs of ageing.

That is no coincidence considering that the eye area is the place most affected by our face movements, meaning that they often need a lot of care even before there are any visible signs of ageing.

Therefore, here are 5 reasons why to include eye area into your skincare routine:

It Feels Nice & Comforting

Patting your eye area gently with your favourite cream can make you feel better, especially if you love caring for your skin.

Adding some nourishment to your eye area will complete your skincare routine.

Besides, since this area is sensitive, it’s understandable that it needs to be cared for and protected.

Basically, there are 22 muscles in the eye area, and every time you wink, wince, smile or laugh it will be imprinted near your eyes.

That’s why choosing a quality eye cream can help you reduce the signs of aging and look visibly younger.

Close Up of Womans Skin

Morning Eye Care Helps You Wake Up

Many eye creams contain caffeine which can help with reducing dark circles around eyes but also with puffiness.

So if you need to get to work after a long night of accidental partying (it happens!), make sure to invest in a quality caffeinated eye cream that you can put in the morning and look like you’ve had a regular amount of sleep.

This is because topical caffeine has the biggest effect on the top layers of the skin, which is why then puffiness and under-eye circles get reduced, and possibly even disappear.

Serums Can Be Effective Too

Face serums have become the staple part of a skincare routine, which is pretty much impossible to find a brand that doesn’t have a serum or a two in their collection.

Since every serum is used for different purposes, it’s important to do your research so you’ll be able to choose the one that’s best for your skin concern.

Opting for hydrating hyaluronic acid serum will keep your eye area looking fresh and youthful, so feel free to include serums into your regular skincare routine!

Don’t Forget the Oils

In case you prefer products that are more natural, then oils are the right thing for you.

But bear in mind that some oils are better than others, so make sure to choose something that works for your skin type.

Coconut oil is known for its anti-aging and moisturising properties, but it’s also highly comedogenic, so if you have oily or combination skin, it’s better to choose oils that are less comedogenic, such as argan or jojoba oil.

Besides carrier oils, you can also opt for essential oils such as clary sage, pomegranate, lavender, and rosemary, but always make sure to mix them with carrier oils of your choice, as some essential oils cannot be applied on the skin on their own.

Woman Applying Skin Cream

Eye Creams Prep Your Skin for Makeup

Makeup can have multiple benefits: it covers the blemishes and accentuates the positives, but did you know that a quality eye cream can also prep your eye area for makeup?

When it comes to products that could be used as makeup prep, eye cream often gets overlooked, even though it has firming qualities that can make your skin look smoother and more youthful.

That way, your face will look much better with makeup, and you won’t have to worry about reapplying it, as it’ll last longer.

In case you’re looking to start with a skincare routine, it’s recommended to include eye cream, serum or oil that will smoothen the skin around the eye area.

Also, the good news is that you don’t need to use a lot of it, so any cream you choose will last you for quite some time, and you won’t need to think about re-buying it, which will save you some money.

Silhouette of Woman Meditating

5 Lessons Anyone Can Learn from Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of all five senses to detect and correct the imbalances in the energy flow within the body.

Also referred to as insight healing, this practice is mainly based on visualisation and focused thinking.

If you envision your body as a physical manifestation of energy with blockages that are affecting the energy flow, it makes perfect sense to dismantle them, cleanse your energy, and restore the balance and overall harmony through the holistic connection between the mind, body and soul.

If you want to consider intuitive healing to promote health and wellness, here are the biggest lessons you will learn from this mindful practice:

Hearing Your Intuitive Voice Allows for Inner Guidance

The inner wisdom you poses, which isn’t judged by the rational mind, is a quiet little voice that is hard to hear when you’re not listening.

Instead of coming in the form of words, it usually comes in dreams or even spontaneously in the form of a gut feeling or a strong urge, which makes it easy to miss, and even easier to dismiss.

However, when you learn to hear, truly listen to your intuition and trust it completely, not only will it be able to guide you in the right direction, but it will also help you heal your body and your mind from inside out.

Beautiful Girl Walking in the Sea

The Right Food Can Reawaken Your Spirit

When you review your intuitive eating habits, you will notice which types of food appear most frequently and in which circumstances.

This information will shine a light on the internal messages that might be active in your energy system and keeping you from moving deeper into the practices of mindfulness and intuition.

For example, crunchy foods are often associated with feelings of anger and anxiety, while sugary foods link to sadness and depression.

But just how these insights might help you uncover your unconscious beliefs, they can also pave the way for more mindful nutrition that can heal your mind, body and soul.

The best example of this might be Ayurvedic medicine, which focuses on eating by the principles of spiritual nutrition and tending to your emotions based on your constitutional and spiritual body type.

Intermittent Fasting Can Cleanse Your Soul

Just as the right food might rekindle your spirit, intermittent fasting can cleanse your whole body and soul, so make it a point to choose a specific window of the day and simply not eat food for the remainder.

If you experience problems with your appetite, you can always try quality diet drops that will help you devote to this practice more easily.

Apart from augmenting your mood and clearing negative thoughts, fasting can also detox your body, empower a new satisfaction and deepen your spirituality, which is why it is such an important part of the intuitive healing practice.

Bowl of Healthy Fruits & Grains

Develop an Awareness of Negative Thoughts & Beliefs

The world we live in today has a dreadful habit of putting a negative spin on almost every event, and that negativity can be highly contagious.

You might not even realise how self-damaging some of your current beliefs are.

Having the ability to quite literally change the structure of your DNA, your energy truly holds great power.

You must have noticed that people who are completely in love with life have a certain exuberant energy that surrounds them, regardless of their age, while some negative and cynical people look old and worn out despite being in the bloom of youth.

The conclusion here is quite simple – you cannot separate the body from the mind.

Powerful Relationship Between the Body and Mind Heals Your Soul

Whether you meditate to learn how to control your emotions, learn how to overcome the waves of negative thoughts to become a happier person, or even visualise yourself in perfect health in order to achieve it, intuitive guidance can truly help you heal from within.

So, do more of the things that intuitively feel good to you, and less of those that don’t.

Anything that feels good creates a better energy flow and promotes healing, while everything that feels wrong or bad creates the opposite effect.

Although getting used to intuitive guidance might take a bit of time and practice, now that you know the biggest life lessons you can learn from intuitive healing, you can improve your health and your overall well-being from the inside out.

Beautiful Old Chevrolet

4 Quick & Easy Ways to Make An Old Car Shiny Again

If your car is a bit old and doesn’t look really sharp, you need to do something about it.

Let’s presume you’re emotionally attached to it and want to make it look as good as possible and you can’t afford buying a shiny, new car.

Or perhaps you have the money, but have planned on spending it elsewhere?

Whatever the case, you’d be happy to hear that you can bring back the original shine to your car and make it look great again.

Not only will it look great, but it will also be worth more once you decide to replace it with a newer model.

So, what is it that you can do to have a much more presentable car without breaking the bank?

1. A Good Wash

You may wash your car fairly regularly, but that usually isn’t enough.

While your car certainly appreciates your attention, sometimes you need to make extra effort, roll up your sleeves and dig deep.

Take some vinegar and cotton buds and clean every hole and curved part of the care.

Clean everything you’ve never cleaned before and don’t just vacuum and dust the surface.

If you don’t have the time or will to do that, take your car to a professional working at a car-wash and ask them to be as thorough as possible.

You wouldn’t believe how dirty your car is, despite all your efforts to keep it clean.

Classic Red Volkswagen Beetle

2. Claying

No matter how meticulously you wash your car, there will always be particles stuck somewhere where water can’t reach them.

Such micro-contaminants are present in abundance, especially if you leave your car outside a lot.

Claying is one of the protective measures that can help you protect your car.

It also makes it much smootherand cleaner than ever and can be used on wheels, too.

3. Paint Protection

Once you’ve washed and clayed your car, you need to protect the new look of your car and what better way than getting a great paint protection film.

This transparent layer will protect your car from UV rays, as well as from minor road debris or things falling from a tree underneath which you park your car.

Think of this step as preservation of the shiny look of your car.

Naturally, you shouldn’t try to apply this film yourself, but turn to professionals for help.

Look for recommendations among family and friends, if possible.

It’s very important you get a warranty against loss of gloss and UV damage, since you want your car to look great for years to come.

Classic Car Red Interior

4. Car Interior

Most people just focus on the outside when washing and cleaning their car and that is wrong.

The interior of your car may not be visible at first sight, but you actually have to spend a lot of time in your car and you don’t want to feel that you’re stuck in a small, confined and filthy space, do you?

Try dry-cleaning the seats to get that clean look back, but in case you fail you need to resort to a new set of seat covers.

Some parts, such as the stick and steering wheel can only be cleaned up to a point and no matter how hard you try they will never look nearly as good as they used to.

After all, there is the element of wear-and-tear involved and your only chance of making the interior of your car look fantastic again is to actually redress or replace those parts.

If you follow these four tips, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised with the new look of your car.

It’ll be shiny and clean and may even look as good as a brand new model.

You’ll definitely feel proud of it and satisfied you’ve given your old car the attention it deserves.

However, in order for all your effort and investment to really pay off, you need to keep looking after your car properly.

Use only products specifically designed for car maintenance and make sure your car never looks old and dingy again.

Only then will all this make sense.