5 Employee Rewards & Perks That Increase Productivity

Using a reward and perk system to get the most out of your employees is a concept that’s older than the business world itself.

However, there are some rewards that are simply not worth it.

What you want is to get the maximum effect with minimum investment.

Finding which methods help you get this is not easy and may require you to test several of them out yourself.

Still, here are five methods that are known to work.

1. Office Perks

The reason why office perks are so great is due to the fact that they, quite effectively, create a sense of friendly competition in your enterprise.

On the one hand, these perks are a clear gesture of appreciation and recognition of your employees’ abilities.

On the other hand, they’re not big or significant enough to cause real envy or animosity.

Sure, there are some people who are just desperately looking for a way to start an argument or spread negativity.

Needless to say, this is one method to get them out in the open and identify troublemakers in your enterprise.

2. Dinner with the Boss

The next thing you can do is reward one of your employees with a personal dinner.

First of all, it’s a dinner that someone else is going to pay for, which is what always makes it a great reward.

Second, it’s a sign of respect, seeing as how you’re setting aside your own free time to spend some time with them.

Finally, it’s a chance for them to personally complain to their employer, give suggestions or overall discuss the future course of their career.

Doing so in an office setting, with so many eyes and ears following them every step of the way can be hard. In this kind of setting, though, it’s so much easier.

3. Personalized Gear

Showing your appreciation for your staff members should go past words.

For instance, instead of just telling your assistant that they’re #1 in the world, why not have this printed on their mug?

Customized T-shirts and hats work just as well.

Also, keep in mind that you probably already have a reliable partner like Fast Promotional Products NZ that prints all your promotional merchandise.

It wouldn’t be that complex to ask them for a couple of uniquely customized items to distribute around the office.

This is a frugal incentive that more than carries its weight.

4. Better Parking Spot

Providing your employees with a better parking spot provides one with a similar type of reward as the above-discussed office perks.

The biggest advantage of this perk is the fact that it gives one a practical advantage over their colleagues.

Namely, they have to walk a shorter distance from their car to their workstation.

Sure, this doesn’t seem like a huge plus but when you’re carrying a birthday cake or when there’s a downpour outside, it can make all the difference in the world.

Always try to look at these things from the perspective of an employee and a way in which it affects their daily routine.

5. Sports Event Tickets

Sometimes, what you want is to provide your employees with an experience rather than just give them a material reward.

This is particularly useful if you know a thing or two about them, which would allow you to customize this experience.

For instance, if the person in question is an avid sports fan, discovering their favorite sports team and bestowing them with tickets for the next sporting event could mean a world to them.

A similar thing you can achieve with a festival ticket or a paid wine tasting tour.

You can only promote and increase salary so many times before this method becomes ineffective (or even outright impossible).

The reason why the above-listed five methods are so effective is that you can repeatedly use them.

This kind of reliability and versatility makes them a reliable ally on your struggle towards unleashing the full potential of your enterprise.

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