5 Reasons To Outsource Your Data Protection & Cybersecurity


Online threats are continuing to evolve, and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the way that they hack systems and access data.

And businesses have had to react in-kind to try and combat the security issues.

But with GDPR fines and a 72-hour window in which to report a data breach looming over you, how confident are you that your business will be able to detect and respond to a cyber-attack or data breach effectively and in a timely manner?

If you want to stay ahead of the hackers, you are going to need the perfect mix of security expertise and technology to help you put together an effective security strategy.

But if you’re new to cybersecurity, you’re not 100% confident in your systems or you don’t have the resources to build the security infrastructure you’d like, don’t panic.

Outsourcing your security and data protection to a specialist security provider can prove to be a very successful and cost-effective way to get a strong security system in place and protect your business from attacks.

But if you’re not sure whether outsourcing your security is the right move for you, let us help you decide.

Below are five reasons why outsourcing your data protection could be the key to success for your business.

Access to Experienced Security Experts

Protecting your data and dealing with cybersecurity risks takes a dedicated team of professionals who understand how cybercriminals operate, the most up-to-date techniques they might use and how to recognise and combat these.

Unfortunately, there is currently a cybersecurity skills shortage which means these experts are even more in demand.

By hiring a cybersecurity service provider like this, you’ll have access to a team of experts that can help you to implement and maintain a strong security strategy.

They will also be on hand to deal with any potential threats or data security breaches.

In fact, some companies even offer 24/7 services so there will always be someone there to offer you advice or support.

And by hiring a security provider to protect your data, you eliminate the need to hire more staff of your own to take on this workload.

This is particularly good news if you’re a small business working on a budget or if you’re struggling to find experts in the field to join your team.

These providers can act as an extension of your workforce instead and can actually work out cheaper than hiring new employees.

Improve Incident Response Times


As we have previously stated, some of these service providers operate 24/7 which means they’re always available to detect threats, respond to an incident and notify you in real-time using AI such as chatbot software.

This is important nowadays if you hope to remain GDPR compliant as this gives you a 72-hour window in which to report any data breach that has happened within your company.

Having the team there at all times also means they will be able to start dealing with a threat or potential breach as soon as it detected.

This will minimise the amount of damage and disruption done to the company and further helps to protect the sensitive information stored within your systems.

Outsourcing your data protection needs in this way could be crucial.

Particularly if your company works 9 to 5 and you are unable to set up a 24-hour support team.

Hiring a security service provider means you will improve your incident response times.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that your cybersecurity is being managed at all times, without having to onboard an entirely new team or work all hours of the day yourself.

Access to Latest Technologies & Intelligence

When you and your team are in charge of your own cybersecurity and data protection, you have to make a conscious effort to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and cyber threats.

You may also find that the programs and technology you use become dated very quickly, with new and updated software being released all the time.

This means you’ll constantly be having to run updates and invest in new technology or you could put your business at higher risk of a data breach.

This can be time-consuming and costly.

However, if you outsource your cybersecurity to a security provider, the nature of their work is to stay as up-to-date as possible with the ever-evolving threats online.

It is their job to know the cybersecurity landscape and to be aware of GDPR and other important aspects of data protection.

As such, they’ll be able to give you a custom cybersecurity solution for your business and monitor this, as well as the industry, to ensure that you have access to the latest technologies and intelligence.

Insight Into Your Current Security Posture


Another benefit of outsourcing your security is that you’ll get a cybersecurity assessment.

Before they’re able to put any sort of strategy in place, the security provider will analyse your company’s current measures to spot any vulnerabilities, take note of whether you’re meeting GDPR guidelines and decipher the biggest threats to your company’s security.

Once they’ve got a better feel for your current situation, the provider can test your defences, identify any further gaps in your systems and begin putting security technology and risk management techniques in place to keep your business safe in the future.

Help You With Regulatory Compliance

We’ve touched on GDPR compliance a few times already, but with the threat of a huge fine looming over your business if it’s not meeting the strict criteria, it’s important that you get this right.

But this can be tricky without an in-depth knowledge of the guidelines and complex requirements.

Not to mention you’ve then got to know which systems to put in place to ensure this compliance.

By outsourcing your data protection and cybersecurity efforts you’ll be given access to professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

As such, they can help you and your teams to better understand GDPR and how this impacts your business.

Plus they can put measures in place to ensure the company is meeting all the criteria and is 100% GDPR compliant.

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