How to Create the Perfect Meeting Room Environment

Every team needs a space to meet and have discussions regarding the business goals and other work-related topics.

Sometimes, having the perfect meeting room is a bit challenging, especially if the offices are new or too old, but usually, it’s something that’s extremely important and should never be overlooked.

Therefore, here are some tips that will help you create the meeting room that will be perfect for you and your team:

Find an Optimal Temperature

Heating and cooling are a very important aspect and shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to save some money or please someone.

Sometimes this can be difficult, since the temperature is quite subjective issue, but with a bit of discussion, everything can be sorted out.

Make sure to talk to your employees to find out what works for each one of them, and then find a solution that works for everybody.

This is especially important during summer heatwaves when air-conditioner needs to be used all the time since some people can have a reaction to it such as sneezing.

Still, it’s best to start a meeting with a bit cooler temperature as it will automatically get warmer as soon as the room fills in with more people.

Comfortable Chairs Are a Must

Since most of the meetings require people to be seated, it’s necessary to provide them with comfortable chairs that won’t make them feel any discomfort after an hour or two of sitting.

It’s necessary to choose a chair that is made of comfortable materials such as leather, metal or vinyl.

Additionally, don’t forget to choose a chair that is ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

It’s important to focus on the comfort of the others, and preferably, pick chairs that have wheels so people will be able to move easily whenever they need to hear someone better.

Writing Tools & Other Equipment

If you’re holding a meeting that requires you to write things down for others, it’s crucial to choose a quality dry-erase whiteboard that comes with a pen tray and other useful features.

In case you need to move the board around, it’s best to the board that is mobile and has wheels.

This is especially important for large meeting rooms that need to accommodate a lot of people.

Using a board that is easy to move will give everyone equal access to everything that’s written on the board.

Additionally, you can also provide people with pens and notepads, so they’ll be able to make notes during the meeting.

Add Some Color

Bright colors can make the meeting room more lively and upbeat which can be handy whenever the weather gets gloomy.

Yet, it’s important to not go overboard with bright colors as that can have an opposite effect on the employees.

Red color can make people more energetic and passionate which can also be a great motivation boost, but it’s necessary to point out that colors should be used sparingly.

If your working space is a bit small, it’s best to paint it white to make it look larger, and then add brightly colored furniture and decor items to create a bit of color diversity.

Don’t Forget the Table

A proper table can have a significant impact on the way the meetings are being held.

For example, a round table is ideal for promoting discussions and face-to-face interactions, but if your meetings often comprise a larger number of people, it’s best to stick to a rectangular table that will be comfortable for everyone who’s present at the meeting.

Additionally, you can get tables that have power access or charging outlets, especially if meetings tend to last longer than one or two hours.

Besides all these, it’s important to provide a strong Internet connection since it’s basically impossible to have a productive meeting without having to check or download something.

Also, optimizing the lighting will let your employees feel more alert and motivated during the meeting, and if possible, try to locate your meeting room somewhere with a lot of natural light.

If you succeed, then it’s also necessary to use quality blinds that will protect everybody when the sunlight gets too strong and distracting.

Finally, it’s always recommended asking your employees for some advice, because after all, they’re the ones who’ll benefit from the working space, so they need to know that their opinions matter.

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