Must Have Bags According to Paris Fashion Week

Give a woman the right bag, and she can rule the world, pretty much.

There’s a similar saying, that uses shoes and instead of a bag, but the point is the same.

Having the right bag can make a woman feel confident, self-assured and elegant, all at once.

Similarly, wearing a tote or a backpack can give you a sense of casualness and relaxation, especially when travelling on a holiday or going camping.

Paris Week just ended, and here’s the list of It-bags for the upcoming season:

Louis Vuitton Mini Bags

If there’s something Louis Vuitton is known for, it’s their signature brown patterned bags of all shapes and sizes.

They often signify luxury and abundance, so it’s no wonder they were also prominent this Fashion Week in Paris.

The most popular was a moon bag in classic Louis Vuitton brown and beige print, but besides this one, a colorful pink brown and blue baguette bag was also proudly displayed on the runway.

Hermes Handheld Bag

Hermes is the luxury brand known for the legendary Birkin, named after actress and style icon Jane Birkin.

This gorgeous bag is the synonym for high-class and wealth since original model costs a few thousands of dollars, and there are often waiting lists, meaning you can’t just buy it like you’re buying a low-end clothing item or an accessory.

But this year, we’ve seen another luxurious bag from this brand: a handheld bag that comes with a belt so it can still be worn on the shoulder or over the body in case you get tired of holding it.

Micro Bags, Different Brands

We’ve already covered Louis Vuitton mini bags, but it’s worth pointing out that, thanks to style icons such as Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Micro bags might seem impractical for day-to-day activities, but they can come in handy when going out for dinner or a movie.

They’re often so small that they can’t even accommodate larger cell phones, but they can be really great for times when you just to pack your credit card and a lipstick.

Besides, there are other places where you can find more affordable micro womens bags, so there’s no need to feel excluded if you can’t afford super-expensive designer pieces.

Chanel Sheepskin Flap Bag

Writing an article about bags and Fashion Week without mentioning Chanel would be entirely unfair because Chanel has brought as a classic black flap bag adored and worn by many.

This time, an iconic brand has brought as a variation of its well-known model, just embellished with sheepskin and metal gold-tone chain.

The good thing about this bag is that it’s slightly more casual than its famous predecessor, so it can be worn with sneakers, jeans and a trench coat without looking out of place.

Its brown/black colour is perfect for fall since it is elegant and fuzzy at the same time.

Medium Leather Handbag with a Scarf, Gucci

Gucci has been positioning themselves among young fan base who love rap, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten to cater to more mature clientele.

This Fashion Week in Paris shown us that this brand still knows how to make a quality and elegant handbag, that comes with different colours, notably grey, red and golden-brown.

Since it’s versatile, it’s safe to say that it can be worn during more upscale occasions and casual outings alike.

It has a vintage effect reminiscent of style icons of the 60s and 70s, and it’s great to learn that the scarf can be worn separately, but it’s best to keep it attached, as it makes the bag look complete.

Designer bags might not be available to everyone, but they’re great to set up trends that more affordable brands can follow.

Also, it’s important to mention that you should never buy replicas and fakes, as they’re often easy to spot and don’t last that long.

Instead, opt for original quality brands that sell their own unique pieces or lookalikes, as it’ll make you look more elegant rather than flashy.

Finally, keep in mind to look for outlets that sell discounted designer items or other luxury brands, because you’ll definitely find something special that will make you look stylish and well-dressed and chic.

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