MAG322 IPTV Set Top Box

MAG 250 Set Top Box: What You Need to Know

Convenience is all the rage now in consumer services, electronics and pretty much everything else.

IPTV is one such technology that lets anyone anywhere in the world enjoy the TV stations of their choice, regardless of where they are.

So it cannot get better or more convenient than that for sure.

The MAG 250 set top box offers this functionality.

Its popularity serves to point out the rate at which people have taken a liking to the ability to watch TV stations they are used to.

The box mainly caters for the UK citizens and offers many popular channels that Brits must have.

There’s a whole world of vendors out there offering UK TV streams for owners of the MAG 250 set-top box, one of which is DemandUKTV who are very reputable and competitively priced.

Stable Internet Connection

IPTV requires an internet connection.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage to a certain extent.

For the box to work, fast and stable internet is simply a must.

A poor internet connection will only frustrate you with constant buffering, stuttering, poor image quality and error messages, which can really test your patience.

If you have identified the MAG 250 set top box as your preferred method to meet your entertainment needs, investing in a stable internet connection is the first move you should make.


Depending on the internet connection you have, it may be necessary to purchase the necessary adapters.

If you will be using Wi-Fi, a USB Wi-Fi dongle will have to be purchased.

However, the most recommended method of internet access is using an Ethernet cable, which can be directly connected to the router.

Ethernet offers a more stable connection and faster data transfer rates than Wi-Fi.

Subscription & Catch-up

The average subscription price to access channel content is around a pound a day.

Compounded, it is between 25 pounds to 30 pounds a month.

Many service providers provide a free trial period, which is normally limited to 48 hours after which you should make a decision.

Most service providers provide catch up functionality, which is quite handy.

All the programming aired on all TV stations in a period amounting to one week is recorded.

If you miss any real time content therefore, you can still easily access it through catch up.


In this day and age, mobile devices are more accessible than the usual TV set which can only be accessed at home or at selected locations.

In this manner, people settle towards the convenience of being able to easily access their entertainment on their smart phones, tablets, laptops and the like.

Unfortunately, the MAG250 set top box does not support this level of flexibility.

It is strictly TV only but other ways of achieving desired convenience exist.


The MAG 250 set up box comes with a two-year warranty.

Moreover, the dedicated customer care can help you in case you have any issues.

If you want to purchase, remember to do so from authorized dealers as counterfeits have swarmed the market.