SmartDNS vs VPNs: Who’ll Win the Technology War

If the trends in the content streaming industry are anything to go by, SmartDNS is winning the war and VPN software is on its way out.

The streaming of media content has gained a considerable popularity as keeping up with television program timings is not easy, especially if two of the desired programs are being aired concurrently.

But it is not only such programs that can be streamed and watched with the help of SmartDNS and Virtual private networking tools.

People can watch the programs or episodes that they liked several times.

It is possible to share and even watch such programs on handheld devices.

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network.

Naturally, there are no wires linking the network.

The network that is developed by the VPN software is essentially temporary.

In fact that is the reason the connection breaks down quite often.

There are many VPN software programs available in the market developed by different developers.

People have used this streaming system so far because it has served their purpose and because there were no alternatives.

Smart DNS: a Better Alternative to VPNs

But with SmartDNS now in the picture, the drawback s of VPN software are becoming more prominent.

For starters, VPN software is considerably more costly when compared to UK Smart DNS VPN services.

This factor however is not the only reason people are shifting away from VPN software based streaming.

SmartDNS is considerably faster being an established intermediate system that translates user specified host and domain names into machine language in normal course.

The other reason for people to switch from VPN software to SmartDNS is the ability to use multiple devices with a single configuration.

Indeed, in case of VPN software, people need to install software in every device.

Unlike it, SmartDNS merely requires adjustments in the networking setting and advanced settings so its far easier to watch Sky Go aboard on multiple devices.

Fast Hassle Free Set Up

SmartDNS is also less troublesome, i.e., the connection from which streaming is done does not disconnect frequently.

Therefore, there is no buffering and delay. With VPN based streaming, people have been putting up with this inconvenience.

But there is something that VPN software is good at, and that is protecting the identity of the person streaming the content.

A lot of effort goes into developing a software program that has the required safeguards against such compromise.

Each such VPN software program incorporates this feature because such security is the bread and butter for VPN software now.

On the other hand, SmartDNS has absolutely no safeguards, and therefore, is a risky way of streaming content.

VPN software programs are encrypted making it difficult for hackers to easily understand the networking and locate the user.

With every new trick that the hacker comes up with, the need to alter the VPN software program becomes imperative.

Such modification costs money, which is the reason such software is expensive and will increase in costs in the future.

But it would be unfair to condemn the Virtual Private Networking tools for they may still come up with something that overcomes all their drawbacks, at least most of them.

For now, though the VPN software developers have developed a comprehensive tool called Open VPN software which can be used on different platforms and with different browsers.